Surfaced parts obscene the past Yulia Efremenkova

Всплыли детали непристойного прошлого Юлии Ефременковой
Recently many were surprised by the news of obscene bright past participants of the famous electroni “Dom-2” Julia Efremenkova.

Всплыли детали непристойного прошлого Юлии Ефременковой

Coming to the TV show, Julia announced its strict principles.

Many immediately fell in love for the honesty of statements, she promised to fight for the truth.

But recently, the leadership of the show found out about the dubious work of the participants to the project. Julia was engaged in shooting in the Nude in photo shoots and commercials.

This was on telestroke she never told anyone.

“The most important thing that their relatives are alive and healthy, the rest does not matter! The sins of others to judge you so hard rushes – start with their own and other people do not get” – he decided to justify himself Efremenkova.

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