Челси Клинтон вступилась за Бэррона Трампа

Who, no matter how her to understand what is going on in the soul of the child of the President. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former U.S. President bill Clinton and the loser of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, defended the son of Donald trump of Barron, claiming his right to be a child, this clever woman has managed to hint at the bad policy of the new President.

36-year-old Chelsea responded to the words of screenwriter Saturday Night Live (NBC) Katie rich, which stated that “Barron will be the first ever school shooter homeschooled”. Evil tongues have supported Cathy and attacked with ridicule for a boy of ten, remembering his recent misbehavior and assumptions about mental retardation. There were those that stood up for the child, naming the behavior and words of rich cruel. Chelsea Clinton also stood up for the Barron, however, made it very original.
“Barron trump deserves simply to be a child, like all children, but each child also means confronting the politics of the President of the United States, which to children is harmful,” wrote Chelsea on his page in the social network.
Provocative entry has caused discontent fellow Republican, and Clinton has not considered the protector and the person, insulting the feelings of the electorate of Donald trump. But it should be recalled that Chelsea herself has become a cause for ridicule when her father was President.