Чарли Шин рассказал о проведенной с Линдси Лохан ночи

Charlie sheen and Lindsay Lohan can be easily called one of the most rollicking Hollywood celebs. This celebrity couple loves to party and have fun, and he always does it so that in the morning the head does not remain memoirs on the held evening and night. But something about the night with Lohan Tyres still remembered, and decided to share his memories with the press.

So in a recent interview with Charlie remembered the night spent with Lindsay in 2013. Lohan has a cameo in the TV series “anger Management” and the actors got along pretty good. Soon, in the same year, they had the opportunity to work together in the film “scary movie 5”. The pair had to remove a few scenes, but the work was delayed for several days. One evening Tires and Lohan is so “good” fun, that the next day, the actress almost never left the dumpster in which she was constantly vomiting. One of the assistants to the Director was very intelligent tank called the name of the actress, podsalivaya her this.

When shooting came to an end, the hangover, the couple had forgotten and went back to walking. Tires and Lohan were at his house, where there was the most interesting: “I don’t know, I got her drunk or she got me. All that I remember, it pushes me in bed and says “Goodnight sweet Prince”. Interestingly, now about these revelations could tell Lindsay? After all, the actress embarked on the path of correction and she probably hate that thinking about her again in the not most positive way.

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