Валерий Меладзе впервые рассказал о сыновьях Косте и Луке

Valery Meladze rarely talks about his personal life. The singer prefers to speak more about his work, creative successes, rather than on the family. But recently, he still made concessions and gave an interview in which he said about the sons born to Albina dzhanabaeva and the details of their upbringing.

According to Valery, his youngest son Luke, who is currently 2 years already demonstrates the true character and manly bearing. Child’s very rare to see in tears. Luke is not crying even if it falls or hits, and that Valery is very proud: “the Younger son is still at that age when he can only play and to be protected from something. As yet no fear, he learns from his experience, knows the world and behind the right eye. Want to give children as much heat, and it is impossible to get tired. But even such a baby sometimes you have to explain what is good and what is bad. And though he’s a little boy already shows that he has character. Here Luke if you fall or hit, never cry. It from birth it was. But he might be offended if left unattended. However, I believe it is age and a valid two-year-old. In this case, it’s even a good reminder to parents that it is time to pay attention to the baby.”

The eldest son – 13-year-old Constantine also enjoys a stellar father with their success. Guy does well in school, interested in science and reads serious literature: “He is very interested in technology, electricity, Tesla’s experiments, ‘ve read a couple of books a brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. We even cake for the birthday Bones ordered with various formulas of physics and chemistry. Besides, he knows the languages. I can be happy. You should have seen how tall, I am tall, so I have long since ceased to perceive the son as a child. And just remind yourself sometimes that is still nothing quite like a grown-up to behave. When he indulges, for example, can make his point”.

We will remind, in addition to Constantine and Valeria Luke has three older daughters – Inga, Sophia and Arina, who was born in the first marriage.