Changed the image of Nelly Yermolaev’t know fans

Изменившую имидж Нелли Ермолаеву не узнают поклонники The presenter increased the hair and got rid of the bangs. Nelly Ermolaeva admitted that the change in enthusiasm, but the opinions of fans of the star divided. Some support her desire to reincarnation, others believe that unchanged, the media personality has lost its individuality.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “Dom-2”, TV presenter and fashion designer Nelli Ermolaeva proved that she is not afraid of the most daring experiments with their appearance. Nelly Ermolaeva preparing for the role of mother

      The star radically changed her image, turning from a bright and luxurious brunette with medium length hair in pretty woman, whose tresses now reach down to her waist. Plus, Nelly Ermolaeva got rid of the bangs and dyed her hair in a trendy Ombre technique that creates the effect of sun-bleached hair. Together with hair Nelly changed the approach to makeup. It was not as bright as before. Instead of red lipstick, the presenter chose a neutral natural shade to his sensual lips. In the end, Nelly has changed so that it did not recognize the followers of the microblog, with whom she shared updated pictures of myself.

      The star admitted that she is incredibly like the stylists created the image and change appearance, she is ecstatic.

      “You have no idea how I enjoy it now from their changes. Now I know what I was missing,” commented the photo in a new image of Nelli Ermolaeva.

      Changes in the way fans were so impressed by teledive that they didn’t really believe him, she decided on a radical transformation and suggested that Nellie wore a wig to impress all. However, the beauty denied the speculation. “People! You what? What is a wig? I boosted a hair,” was forced to explain Ermolaeva.

      It should be noted that the views of fans about changing the appearance of the presenter divided. Not everyone is ready to accept new Nelly Yermolaev. As it turned out, among the fans of the star a lot of conservative minded citizens.

      “Very cool! Very. And without bangs, and with such a tone!”, “Nellie, look bambeano, and became much softer and fresher look”, “I don’t like with bangs was the same Nelly”, “If I hadn’t read the name of the account, thought it was another person. However, from first glance it is difficult to understand what it is you”, “I am for the bangs!”, “Beautiful, but their individuality is lost”, “Nelly, very nice, but you’ve become like everyone else” – such opinions about the conversion expressed by the followers of Nelli Ermolaeva.