Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was fascinated by magic

Знаменитый повар Джейми Оливер увлекся магией
Large daddy doesn’t trust modern medicine.

Jamie Oliver

Photo: BarcroftMedia/TASS

As admitted recently
Jamie Oliver, to find out the sex of their unborn child, he decided to try a very
non-traditional method. The fact that in August of this year, Oliver’s wife needs
to give him already the fifth heir. And since the 41-year-old world-renowned broadcaster and
the author of many cookbooks, as it turned out, not too trusted modern
medical technology, he decided to seek the answer … to magic!

As told to Jamie, he decided not to go to a fortune teller and he, together with his wife, held a series of “tests” with a “magic crystal”.
However, the fact that he was able to figure out that is replenished his family
girl or boy, Oliver refused to tell. “Of course, to add more
a little bit of testosterone in our team it would be nice. However, I’ll be happy
who would have not been born!” —said Jamie.

Oliver has a big family: spouse
Jules already gave birth to three girls and one boy. Poppy is thirteen,
Daisy Boo – twelve petal – six, and
their brother buddy Bear, while only five. “Actually, we were planning Jules
once just a couple of kids, but it just so happened…” admitted Jamie. “When
I learned that we will have another child, I just could not believe my ears!” — he told Oliver. And although he is looking forward to the birth of her fifth
son, Jamie had already decided that this will be the last child in their family.

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