Анна Банщикова: «Детям нравится, что я крутая и ношу пистолет»
Popular actress surprised his sons.

Anna Banshchikova sons Misha and Sasha

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Banshchikova said that thanks to the TV series “the Bloodhound”, in which she played a sort of Sherlock Holmes in a skirt, her children finally appreciated my mom’s work.

“You know, before Mike (he is soon to be nine) and Sasha
(he’s seven) did not spoil the mother-the actress, — Anna smiles. — Before, when there were movies with my
participation, they sat down at the screen, and five minutes later ran away. But from the “Bloodhounds” of the ears was not to delay, after each series
said, “You’re so cool, so funny, funny”. Maybe they
I liked that their mom is so cool, the men in charge carry guns in school
classmates say about it? And maybe — that my character have a sweet tooth:
she eats candy. My youngest son has a sweet tooth, and looking like
Colonel Kushnir once again reaches into the Desk drawer for candy, Sasha
happily exclaimed: “Mom on the screen loves chocolates like me!”

All full-scale survey of the popular series took place in the summer in Gelendzhik. And actress, of course, took her children with her grandmother at sea. Took them for a house and they lived there permanently. And the husband (Vsevolod Shakhanov,
lawyer. — Approx. ed.
) came for the weekend. The shooting in the southern town there was only one drawback.

“We are very disturbed by noise of discos,” continues Anna. —
Somehow, in our country believe that rest is necessary to the music, which sounds
to the fullest. Our people — the real music maniacs: instead of
listen to the sound of the sea, blasting pop music! We were shooting in the coastal zone,
beaches, and in every cafe blaring: “I love you, Dima, that’s what I need…”
I went into these
institutions were asked to stop the music. It did quiet down, and then
again added sound. Therefore, in the series there are scenes where the actors literally
shouting to each other — at this point, the Windows rattling music. Half
the series had actually redubbed, already in Moscow”.

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