Catherine Ancharovoj was diagnosed with a brain tumor

У Екатерины Архаровой диагностировали опухоль мозга
Recently, the actress and ex-wife Marat Basharova Catherine Arkharov complained of deterioration of health.

У Екатерины Архаровой диагностировали опухоль мозга

In the end, the doctors put a disappointing diagnosis of a brain tumor.

At the time of diagnosis in 42-year-old actress found a meningioma. Arkharov believes that it could occur because of the resulting concussion.
Earlier, the accused Basharova Catherine to the constant beatings, in the end, the woman ran away from her husband and filed for divorce. The couple were married less than a year.

It is worth noting that this kind of cancer is benign and treated with surgical intervention.

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