Кейт Бланшетт стала лицом журнала Bazaar и рассказала про свое отношение к феминизму

Кейт Бланшетт стала лицом журнала Bazaar и рассказала про свое отношение к феминизму

Hollywood actress cate Blanchett has become the face of the cover of the December issue of Bazaar magazine. Celebrity gives a big interview for this edition of single again for several years. The journalist gloss interviewed Kate a few times in different places, but all in all was very smoothly and interestingly.

The first time Kate has invited the journalist to his country house, it happened in the summer, the artist rested from the bustle of the city with their children and husband. The journalist immediately asked the first question, I didn’t want her to permanently leave his career and dedicate his life to children and families.

Blanchett thought about that and admitted that very many ever did, and interferes with her plans really work. Just not enough time for books, movies and Hobbies. Very often the artist has stated that he no longer wants to be in the movies, tired and retires, however, the fate of her surprises and she returned to filming. In fact, she loves her job and is afraid that if one day leave her, if you wish to return to the set, this opportunity will be gone.

The actress this year turned 50 and she decided to be active in the feminist movement. However, her last role was in the TV series “Mrs. America,” where she plays the heroine of the 70-ies, which is struggling with equality and believes that women should never have the same opportunities as men. Why did she agree to play this role? Kate explained it this way: she’s never been interested in playing myself in the movies, you want to worry about someone else’s fate, to understand how other people think. The most beautiful, when the hero has a controversial point of view, a different set of priorities, it is amazing and exciting. In addition, the star believes that the best way to grow and to learn is to learn history.

Of course in an interview, Kate explained why she decided to fight for the equality of men and women. The fact that her grandmother, mother and aunt were left without husbands, so fate decreed. And actress when I was very young, lived in a house of strong women, which no one noticed. So when feminists took to the streets and made itself known, she realized that it’s a new time and the world is changing. Now those who all his life was silent and humiliated, unable to be heard.

The actress is a little upset due to the fact that there is little change in this way. Women and men continue to go to different toilets and women do not take the army. She believes that all opponents of feminism will one day understand that women are all the same, though each and trying to find something special. But if it happens then great the weaker sex will simply cease to be in one piece and will be a split.

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