Уход Лены Летучей из «Ревизорро» обернулся скандалом

Fans of the TV presenter arranged for a protest to get her back in “Revizorro”.

Elena Volatile led “Revizorro” since the launch of transfer in 2014. And during that time she had many admirers. But because the story sounded Volatile the other day, appeared to many as an unpleasant surprise. Elena stated that decided to leave the project. But fans are confident that the TV presenter was forced to leave, and organized an action of protest in social networks. And one after another began to lay out photo #Bernicerunderwoo.

More angry the audience the fact that in the role of presenter approved by the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. They say, Olga looks too revealing for a program of inspection of hotels and cafes.

“Yeah look at her, she is not the image” “With the Romanov quit watching the program”, – was filled with disgruntled comments.

As for Elena, she care not covered. Not to mention the conflict with the guide channel, even if he was. Denies pregnancy, but admits that she really wants to become a mother.

“In 25 years I believed I was not ready to become a wife and mother, because at that time I would be a bad wife and mother. I had other goals. Still, maybe the next person was not quite the same. In any case everything must happen on time and knowingly, – said lead in an interview with reporters. Only recently I began to feel that he would like to have a baby – there are women’s maturity, maybe.”

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