Anastasia Stotskaya talked about their health problems

Анастасия Стоцкая рассказала о своих проблемах со здоровьем
Singer and actress canceled the show today.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: Vladislav Volkov

It would seem, never be weary Anastasia Stotskaya
became a victim of the Moscow March frost: singer and actress, who is now active
in the popular musical “Singin’ in the rain”, down with a cold. In the next
a few days Nastia, alas, can only take part in productions of “lying under
a blanket”. Stotsky had to cancel today’s appearance on the stage, she
said fans personally.

“Dear viewer! Don’t know if there are any among
you are those who today will go on “Singing in the rain” and will
to read this post, however, I think it’s right to make an announcement —
Anastasia turned to the admirers of her talent, read her micro-blog on the Network.
Today I unfortunately got sick again and not be able to play the evening performance.
Forgive me, something goes wrong, I often get sick this year… About the rest of the performances — I will try
to follow the schedule. I can’t promise anything. Today I just have to be
forces — ahead of challenging shooting. Forgive me, for today and cancel all
restore health”.

If today Nastya will not be able to appear in a musical
because of severe colds, during the period when “Singing in the rain” only
started, Stotsky had any health problems of another nature —
professional. In a statement the actress plays a flighty and capricious diva
silent cinema, whose career is suddenly threatened due to the arrival of
of the sound era. The fact that silent film star has a nasty
voice and couldn’t sing.

“Squeaky voice and terrible accent my character sound
on the screen is very ridiculous, said Anastasia Stotskaya. And in this
the special charm and complexity of my role: we need to set a very high voice with
funny accent, and learn to achieve a comic effect, while maintaining
the dignity and luster of the film star. This is a very interesting task!”

Due to the fact that Stotsky was constantly changed its
the voice for the role, straining ligaments, she often went to see the doctor-phoniatry. “It
very hard! I as a professional who works all the time with his voice, can
to say, what to sing, I sang Nastya is a great art. She played
amazing. And, of course, to save your voice, and especially not to lose
voice, it is necessary to regularly see a doctor,” — said Lyubov Kazarnovskaya.

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