Карди Би удалила инстаграм после эмоционального сообщения

The prize in the nomination Grammy for “Best album of the year” KARDi Bi caused a lot of noise! In social networks on repershu resulted in a lot of negativity because of what the had to delete my instagram.

“Remember last year when I got nothing for the album Bodac Yellow, everyone said, “condemned KARDi, KARDi sued”. This year some kind of problem? My album became two times platinum. In any chart he was in the top ten. In the first place too. I was always working, locked in the Studio for three months, the force was just enough to go to bed, and I was pregnant. Some songs didn’t make my album, because it was stopped up!”

After an emotional message from the artist overcome with emotion and she deleted instagram.

Recall, 11 February the ceremony of awarding Grammy in which Cardi Bi not only surprised by his outfit to the seashell, but also picked up the award in the category “Best rap album” in which the victim also was nominated last September Mac Miller. The loss of the album ex boyfriend is so angry Ariana Grande that she swore at the winner on Twitter.

Ariana Grande staged a boycott of the Grammys and appeared on the awards, but received one. But the scandals did not end. On Twitter the singer called the loss of the album of Mac Miller’s “crap” that the public interpreted as insults towards KARDi Bi, which won in the nomination. Message the singer was immediately removed, but not left the audience without explanation.

Grande just very upset that the organizers of the event invited to the ceremony parents of the Poppy, and the posthumous award was not given, although it was included in traditional video tribute to the deceased in the past year artists. Ariana explained to the users of the network that those are all wrong! It is not meant KARDi Bi bad she wants!

She KARDi dedicated the award to Mac, because I’ve read an article that says that “the family of Miller said that even if their son doesn’t win, they want victory KARDi”.

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