Карди Би после премии Грэмми выложила смехотворное видео в Instagram

The next day after delivery of the award “Grammy” January 27, KARDi Bi went to his Instagram page to share a video about how her one year old daughter kalcher entertains her husband, Offset, singing a song from the soundtrack to the Disney movie “Moana”.
27-year-old KARDi Bi held its own Grammy “after party” with her family, including her husband of 28 years of Offset and their adorable one year old daughter kalcher, and shared a sweet clip of a memorable moment in Instagram. In the video from January 27, you can see the proud mother, holding her mobile phone in front of his precious little in the role of the song “How far I go” from the disney movie “Moana”. Incredibly cute girl begins to sing along with the words “LLC” in the lyrics, causing both parents to smile. “After the party, we have someone waiting. She said LISTEN to MY VOCALS!!! Let me find out that my little Finn will be the star! ❤ this ❤ it’s amazing, signed KARDi sweet clip.

Fans KARDi Bi quickly responded to vocal skills kalcher, and most of them are unable to cope with the pearl video. “Owwwwww!”, — wrote many fans, while another joked that “culture B” will be “soon.” “HE’s SO GORGEOUSSSS😍😍😍” praised another subscriber.

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After the after party somebody was waiting up for us .She said LISTEN TO MY VOCALS !!!Let me find out my baby finna be a star! ⭐ I ❤this

Publication of Cardib (@iamcardib) 27 January 2020 11:21 PST

Before KARDi Bi shared amazing moments she experienced and the time spent with her husband and baby, she Jan 26, turned heads at the ceremony Grammy awards. Grammy-nominated rapper was dressed to impress your pritalennye and translucent dress “Mugler” with turtleneck and long sleeves large size. This dress also has sparkling beads and necklace with diamonds. The talented artist has put her long straight strands in several stages and caused a pretty pink eye shadow, which helped her eyes stand out.
We love to watch videos featuring kalcher, when KARDi Bi decides to share, and her latest mini-movie was a real treat! We will in the next search, to see if she will share anything else in the near future!

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