Car crash victim Daniel day-Lewis scared for their view of passers-by

Пострадавший в аварии Дэниел Дэй-Льюис напугал своим видом прохожих
The actor does not come to himself after the disaster.

Daniel Day-Lewis


Appeared on the streets of new York, the 60-year-old
Daniel day-Lewis made a depressing impression on bystanders. Briefly
bobbed hair, the actor looked almost completely gray, and he could barely keep his
on his feet. His face distorted grimace of pain and his hand was hidden under the plaster. Little
on the other hand the actor sported a band-aid from the infusion.

In all this there would be nothing particularly strange
if the accident that brought Daniel to such a sorry state, not
occurred more than three months ago. Then his spokesman
reported that the motorcycle, which was traveling actor, was in an accident. However, as it was then
it was reported that Daniel allegedly suffered is not too serious. “Although the clash
it was quite serious, the actor was wearing a helmet, so he’ll be fine!” — says in a statement. However, apparently, injury, day-Lewis
was much more serious than anticipated.

However, we hope that the wonderful
actor, star of “Gangs of new York” and many other films, the owner of three(!)
Oscars and two Golden globes will be able to cope with the disease. Again though
see it on the screens, viewers will see unlikely. After all, this year, before the accident, Daniel
announced that it has decided to end his career. What circumstances forced
him to do so, the actor did not specify.