Cameron Diaz spoke about old age

Камерон Диас заговорила о старости

Self-knowledge and love for a healthy lifestyle made from Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz writer. First she released “the body Book” (“The Body Book “) about loving your body, now the world has seen (“the Book of longevity”), “The Longevity Book: Live Stronger, Live Better; The Art of Ageing Well”, which Cameron decided to talk about age-related changes in women.

Камерон Диас заговорила о старости
“Hello again , ladies ! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself !! As soon as I saw it myself , I would like to share with you the cover of “the Book of longevity” . I’m so proud of this book and very much look forward to the participation of all of us in a new conversation about age. I will tell you how to do it with strength, grace, health and wisdom..” — said Cameron.

Камерон Диас заговорила о старости
The Diaz is not afraid of old age. The proof is her latest interview in which she spoke about her new book and her attitude towards old age. The actress said that not going through because of age, but has criticized Hollywood and its chauvinistic attitude towards women, especially to aging.
“The film industry imposes on us the myth that aging is ugly, and that with age, our opportunities are reduced. Age-related changes are always shown in a negative way. Age-related changes appear only in a negative way, but if you don’t grow up at all, there is only one alternative, and quite sad,” said Diaz, repels such stereotypes.

Камерон Диас заговорила о старости

“Yeah, my youth is behind me, but I don’t see anything wrong in this. Twenty years ago, I looked different, but that’s life and change is natural, and not fixate on them” — said Cameron.

The actress has repeatedly admitted that in his current age, she is much more comfortable than in twenty years. Cameron is in harmony with itself, and this is largely thanks to her husband 37-year-old Benji Madden. Rocker shares the love of spouses to nutrition, sports and spiritual practices.
“I was very lucky to meet a man with whom I want to live the rest of my days,” admitted Diaz.


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