“Cadets, get back!”: Svetlana Druzhinina is not enough money for that new movie

«Гардемарины, назад!»: Светлане Дружининой не хватает денег на съемки нового фильма People’s artist of Russia, Director and producer known to millions of viewers as the Creator of the film “wishes”, “Courtship of the hussar”, “Secrets of Palace revolutions”, “midshipmen, forward!”… But right now in her life – creative stagnation. Today Svetlana Druzhinina again complained to the fans: the film Foundation refused to help her in creating a new project.

Svetlana Sergeevna Druzhinina appealed to their own fans and admirers of her work via her page in Instagram. Legendary Director sadly reported that the film Fund does not intend to Fund her project “midshipmen-4”. And all this, according to Svetlana Druzhinina, without giving specific reasons. Not explained, not apologized…

“My father missing was killed at Stalingrad during world war II. He was a tanker. This I incredibly pulled, I decided to answer all your questions about why the cinema Fund for 4 years so don’t even bother to partially Finance my project “midshipmen-4″. There is also die soldiers that protect the interests of Russia. I had implemented all the recommendations and expert, and screenwriting tips. I was on the Board of Trustees in person and received a refusal,” said Druzhinin.

The Director said that she and her colleagues have done a great job. “Was chosen by nature, actors have been photoprobe, unique costumes, and more than thirty. All ready to shoot! Can start taking tomorrow. All the artists signed the contract: Domogarov, Mamaev, knights, Lazarev, Orbakaite… Want to take a great course Alexander Mikhailov VGIK – on the role of heroes team Giuliano De Lombardi. Our film waiting for the audience, can see my page in Instagram, official accounts in other social networks. People wonder why so support us and hope” – recently told Svetlana Sergeevna with reporters.

As admitted Svetlana Sergeevna in an interview with “Russian newspaper”, she hopes that she will still help with the creation of the continuation of the legendary films.