Byredo — бренд, который воплощает истории о мире и людях

What “Byredo”? It is best to this question will be answered by founder Ben Gorham, who has always believed that the aroma can bring someone back in a long-deserted place to revive the memory of those who were close to him, to make his heart beat like the first love. This idea became the basis for the philosophy of the brand which today is among the most exclusive.

Initially creative designer Ben Gorham was engaged in the creation of scented candles for hotels, which would help to create an atmosphere of home comfort and it was fine. Then he realized that to make people especial with flavors — nice and easy. With the characteristic of this extraordinary man of energy, he brought his idea to life and created Byredo — a brand that the flavors which quickly won so many hearts that it couldn’t wait just one. This perfume brand is a new discovery in European perfumes, and the brand quickly began to gain popularity.

Thus the bin does not create the flavors he creates history. Writing a story about a particular scent, it brings it to the person who is the “nose” of the company: Jerome Epinette. What Jerome makes of the history of the perfume composition, exposing it in the notes smells.

The history of the brand from the past to the soaring future

Surprisingly, “Byredo” appeared on the perfume market very recently: the first fragrance was created in 2008. And he immediately blew up the world of niche perfumery unusual approach to fragrances that no one has ever smelled. It seems that in order to hear the story from Ben Gorham, is enough to open the tube.

Byredo — бренд, который воплощает истории о мире и людях

Niche exclusive belongs not only to the nose of Gerome Epinet under the leadership of the founder has a whole team of perfumers — and this is probably the most creative perfumers in the world.

The brand is also interesting because it is based in Stockholm, and the Swedish fragrances in the world not so much. Traditional Northern European minimalism is felt in the design of bottles is very simple bottle, made in the same authentic style and differ only an inscription on a minimalist label. Actually there is two element creative ideas: actually too artsy bottle would distract from the content, but it is not important, the main thing is that this package is truly worthy of its content, because it looks not only strict, but also very expensive. Though there is the brand and something very unusual: it’s fresheners that are placed in special leather cases. They look so that once it becomes clear that such a thing lay only in the bag, which is like half of Sweden.

Unisex: a shared history of men and women

Ben Gorham decided early on not to divide the fragrances for men and women, as he believes that in the modern world these two stories go hand in hand. From the beginning the flavors were created by people who are confident in themselves and in the fact that they do, and here gender is not decisive.

Songs from “Byredo” is really incredible: they seem to be quite a classic, but after a while it becomes clear that they are impossible to classify. An original combination of traits, which are not repeated not only in the perfume compositions of other brands, but the products of the brand. In fact, Byredo is the embodiment of individuality and attracts people that really appreciate. To understand the nature of the fragrance to the first breath is impossible — they need to borrow some time to understand how everything “works”.

Byredo — бренд, который воплощает истории о мире и людях

Created to Express the inner self, they do not pay attention not only on gender but also on age. These are the spirits that work for the image as well as pen or briefcase, only on a more subtle level.

Interesting mix of scents in perfumes and toilet water from “Byredo” is the embodiment of the world that surrounds the modern man, and at the same time, the embodiment of nature itself. The harmony and unity of fire, air and earth with what is called real freedom. That which is, alas, unknown to modern man in full, but which he can feel, if you buy one of the bottles.

New exclusive joy: fresh stories from Byredo

If you want to feel the concentrated summer, one of the new products from Swedish brand will be exactly what you need: it allows you to travel back to the most famous beach Los Angeles, Venice Beach. Sundazed is a bottle of endless summer, filled with sunlight and sea breeze.

At the same time learn a large part of the composition is easy: it is as if the whole is a sweet citrus candy with a taste of Mandarin, orange and light notes of caramel and Jasmine. Too sugary? Not at all! Nothing heavy, nothing unpleasant — just the embodiment of incredible sophistication.

“Cur of an Obscure” is still a novelty, despite the fact that the scent was released in 2016. He, like lightning, swept the sky on the toilet and left a mark in every heart, before going on the shelves. Exotic and romantic Union of opposites, so characteristic of the Stockholm brand, really is like lightning in its effect, hitting instantly. The perfumers managed to achieve thanks to the bitter-sweet Amaretto, followed by rose and ends in black leather. Too easy? It’s a false impression which is fading away much faster than disappears in the air, the last chord of this incredible fragrant Symphony (and it lasts at least two days).

Is it difficult to find a flavor from “Byredo”? Definitely not, if you look at online perfume store offering this exclusive product in all its diversity. No matter whether it’s new or one of the classic fragrances there is all. The cost will not exceed that at which the precious bottle is sold in European shops — no extra charges only flavor that is consistent with the philosophy of the brand and the message that he gives to the world.

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