Бузова сыграла саму себя в новом сериале

In “Poor people”, she played the role of eccentric TV presenter and socialite.

In April on the channel TNT kicks off a new series of “Poor people”. No relation to Dostoevsky this work has not, except that the name. No reflection on God or survey of man’s place in the Universe, only the harsh modern realities, couched in the Comedy genre.

In the center of the plot – an unsuccessful writer Venya, who can not bring his opus to the world. Mercantile publishers do not see in it creative exercise financial gain, and that’s driven genius of the pen in the neck. However, one compassionate Director of the publishing house offers the author a way out of difficult situations is to write a biography of our great contemporary, the domain of the nation of Olga Buzova. Knowledge about domestic diva TV the writer is quite vague: “the House-2”, blonde hair, blouse, player…

However, having become acquainted with the object of his biopic, the author changes his view about Olga. They walk together through the city of her childhood in St. Petersburg where Buzova indulges in nostalgic memories, find themselves in a situation of varying degrees of danger and Comedy. The heroine offers to the author from a new angle… But we will not reveal all the cards, dear viewer. Otherwise disappear the magic of cinema.

By the way, for Buzovoy this is not the first role in the domestic film industry. All remember her brilliant debut in 2008 in the infamous TV series “Univer” (the girl got tough, the pervasive role of girlfriend muscular guy Kuzi). In 2010, Olga took off on a theatrical stage, replacing his colleague Maria Kozhevnikov in the production of “Elegant wedding”. Were later repertory and a memorable episode in the film “Bartender”, where Buzova well turned to a secular lioness, deprived of education and not knowing what is the hole punch.

According to Olga, about an acting career she was thinking from a young age, even in theatre was going to do, but in the end the parents went to learn the tricks of the travel business. But the childhood dream was nurtured. And the natural result. While Lavrov all your favorite artist Buzova not earned, and harmful critics constantly strive to stab her with his caustic attacks. But the actress still goes forward making to your list of movies new paragraphs.

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