Daughter Kim Kardashian has congratulated the six-foot Easter Bunny

Дочку Ким Кардашьян поздравил с Пасхой двухметровый кролик
Socialite decided to forget about dieting for a holiday.

Clan Kim Kardashian really have celebrated Easter. And the report about how was the day, star of reality TV show placed on the social network. Because in a large family has several small children, this time the men had prepared for the kids a special surprise — they decided to change Easter bunnies.

In the morning, before going to Church, the husband of Kim — Kanye West and her boyfriend of the consolidated sister Kylie Jenner — rapper Taiga, is procured in advance two fluffy white suit, dressed in them, to congratulate the kids. But when the room there were two huge rabbit, some of the adults are seriously disturbed — as if the children did not cry from fright.

Well, that girl Kim’s daughter North and her niece Penelope is not afraid of almost two-meter “rabbits”. Brave little girl, to the joy and relief of adults, rushed to embrace the “fuzzies”. Even more delighted the girls, and when they have provided the most cute rabbit ears, which they immediately put on.

Yielding to the General mood Kim, also adorned his head, furry ears and rubbed his face, rabbit nose with whiskers. To dress up as before, especially in the Frank costume Kim has not yet ventured: although she admitted the star recently, has already lost 20 pounds, her figure while she still not quite satisfied. After all, while she carried his son, Sant, who was born last December, Kardashian has managed to recover 30 kilograms. Although Kim tries to strictly adhere to dieting to lose the last 12 pounds, it still allowed himself on this occasion to pay tribute prepared by her mother Chris mouthwatering festive dishes.

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