Брат Рианны застрелен неизвестным на Барбадосе
The singer mourns the death of a loved one.

Rihanna brother

Photo: Instagram.com

Rihanna who met
Christmas at Home – Barbados —
he spoke about his great sorrow: yesterday was killed her favorite cousin
brother Tavon Casin aleyne,
who just turned 21.
“Rest in peace! I can’t believe you’re gone, because even before I
shook your hand… I could not have imagined that last touched
then his warm hands… I will always love you…” — wrote Rihanna pictures
on which she filmed with Taiwanon. In conclusion, the singer called for an end to
violence, which they do with firearms.

Brother 29-year-old Rihanna died in strange circumstances. At seven o’clock he was returning home on foot when
it suddenly approached a man and shot several times in the alleys
at point blank range. From gunshot wounds Taiwan died on the spot. As for
the assailant, he managed to escape from the scene. The police now
time collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses, trying to establish the identity
the “arrow”.

This tragic incident spoiled the mood of Rihanna that
it was absolutely euphoric. Because she’s in love — the millionaire Hasan Jamil, to meet with which she began it
summer. Moreover, according to foreign media reports, she has already secretly
get engaged with your beloved in the coming year hoped to become his legal