Брат Кейт Хадсон прокомментировал роман сестры с Брэдом Питтом
Goldie hawn did not deny the love story of his daughter with the actor.

Брат Кейт Хадсон прокомментировал роман сестры с Брэдом Питтом

Kate Hudson


Brad Pitt


The other day Oliver, the brother of Kate Hudson has posted in
his page in the social network your funny comment about the possible
the love story of his sister and brad pitt, who is currently divorcing Angelina
Jolie. This was told to the website aceshowbiz.com.

“Well, of course it is! Brad is calling
me brother, my real brother Uayett jealous. Besides, pitt asked
my kids call him “uncle Bee”. He charmed everyone, even my mom Goldie vengeance
flirting with him!” — written by Oliver, ridiculing the rumor about their secret relationship
sisters with brad. As for Goldie hawn, when she asked me
that her daughter is in love with pitt, the actress did not even bother anything
to say, but just laughed in response.

The funny thing about this story is that
some overseas media — like edition of Star — saw reaction hawn
evidence of its history! After all Goldie did not say directly that this is not true…

The first alleged novel, Kate and brad
wrote the Star. As stated by the reporter of this edition, the novel pitt and Hudson
began, ostensibly, about two months ago. The adoption of the tabloid, Kate has been able
to comfort brad in a difficult moment, when Jolie accused him of cruel
the treatment of children. And between pitt and Hudson eventually struck up a close relationship.
According to the above-mentioned publication, Kate and brad secretly met in the house
actress, located in Pacific Palisades. Besides, as stated, although the party
the occasion of awarding the Golden globes, where was held the first after the big
break pitt public appearance, Kate and brad chose to keep from each other
aside for the ceremony she was taken one of the cars belonging to the actor.
On it, she left in an unknown direction after the event…

In fact, the only thing
it would be consider as “proof” of the possibility of romance between Hudson and pitt,
is own saying Kate. The fact that shortly after the announcement
the divorce of brad with Angelina, Hudson said she would not mind to meet
with pitt. “Because he’s so handsome!” — said the actress. However, it is,
most likely, just kidding…