Brother Alexander Buynova hospitalized with a heart attack

Брат Александра Буйнова госпитализирован с инфарктом

While the famous singer Alexander Buinov in the circle of his famous friends celebrated a birthday, his older 76-year-old brother Arkady was taken away by ambulance – men had a heart attack. Wife admitted to hospital reports he is in critical condition and that his popular brother about what happened is still unclear.

Брат Александра Буйнова госпитализирован с инфарктом
“Arkady already in a decent age and condition unimportant, but we hope for the best. To ask for help Alexander we will not. Why to disturb him? Especially because he has a holiday. Last time my husband had a heart attack, we, too, Sasha said nothing, but he somehow knew, going around, very experienced, found doctors and even a trip to the sanatorium was able to knock. Us uncomfortable somehow. God willing, everything will be all right” — expressed his position wife Arcadia.

As it turned out, Alexander’s brother – complete opposite, although also sings. However, in the choir of the Church of the Archangel Michael. He is a very humble man, he doesn’t like too much attention and hates it when it is compared with his younger brother. Even the nickname itself was invented by Leo Tolstoy that just did not compare with Alexander. The man grew a beard, and as a famous writer, likes to philosophize.
“In his youth he worked in television, was not the last person. And when retired began to sing in the Church choir. His voice is good, strong” — told in the Church where sings Arkady violent.
Surfaced and interesting details of the relations of the brothers. As it happens, Arcadia Alexander owed his career. When the eldest was graduated from the Conservatory, Sasha still the boy was, went to music school.
“To the younger worked as it should, Arkady had tied him to the piano dog chain. Otherwise he ran to the guys to the yard to play. Unknown, did we about Alexander Buinov, if not his brother?” — said an employee of the Church.
Due to the difference in age and way of life men are not very close and don’t talk much in the village, where he lives, Arkady, no one remembers, when I saw Alexander last time. I hope the younger brother will not leave the senior in trouble this time.

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