Bride Timothy starred in advertising your business naked

Невеста Тимати снялась в рекламе своего бизнеса обнаженной
Anastasia Reshetova covered his private parts with rhinestones.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Reshetova several years living with the most famous rapper in the country Timothy. She — the world-renowned fashion model, and has long dreamed to do their own business. Anastasia in a month will be 22, and that means it’s time to prepare yourself the opportunity to live comfortably after a career model.

The girl went on the “beaten track”, she decided to open her beauty salon. As you know, the former fiancee of Timothy and she’s the mother of his only daughter Alice Alena Shishkova also owns a beauty salon.

Than concept salon Anastasia will be different from the thousands of same is still unknown. But she decided in a nontrivial way to draw attention to his opening, which will take place on December 15. She starred in the advertisement of the salon completely naked. Of course, all private parts are covered with posture and rhinestones. But the chest, by the way, which Reshetova very proud of can be seen in the smallest details. Unlike many colleagues Anastasia rightly argues that it forms the most that neither is natural. Looking at these “naked” pictures of even the most picky Hayter will not be able to find fault with her perfect form. Fans of Reshetovaa can only envy 21-year-old beauty with which nature was so generous.

By the way, the last year of the model and then suspected pregnancy. Girl don’t even worry about it, conversely, makes fun of the rumors. So, one day during a holiday in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, actress Natalia Employment, she even made a special “pregnant” photo.

Both girls published online a picture of both show rounded bellies.

“A bear, they decided to LA (approx. edited by L. A.)… Children left there, it’s cold… Let it warm grow!” — wrote Rudova.

Fans to publish Employment reacted differently. Someone jokes Actresses seem funny, others annoying original sense of humor Natalia. “Anastasia, it would be very cool if you really got pregnant… Such a beautiful boy You had your way”, “no longer funny… it May be enough to fool the stomach?”, “Somehow stupid media persons behave”, “it would be great if true! From Timothy grows wonderful daughter. She urgently needs a brother or sister,” wrote the star friends.