Брежнева встала в планку на каблуках в прямом эфире

34-star demonstrated his athletic skills in evening dress.

Faith can easily be called one of the most sports star of the Russian show-business. In addition, the star regularly shares photos from the gym with fans, she has her own beauty blog, which not only make-up secrets revealed, but the exercises you can find!

Therefore, the audience is almost not surprised when the talk show “OK connected” Brezhnev directly on the heels and luxurious gold suit stood in the bar.

“I love to be in a healthy and beautiful body. I like myself with the mirror, I know it’s comfortable, beautiful. And the most important thing is health. I really want to see even people who just focus on me was healthy and beautiful,” Vera said.

34-year-old star also shared her emotions about the new project. Recently, together with her friend Anna, Faith, organized their own wedding Agency.

“When you perform at the wedding, you see it is fortunate you are, and I really enjoy it. Then we met with Anna, her work so impressed me that I wanted to be involved in all this, and we opened our wedding Agency. I like to make the newlyweds happy these days! Sonya says she knows who will do her wedding, all my friends know who is going to do their wedding,” – said Brezhnev on new business.

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And here you can watch the video in which Faith had shown some easy ways to make tummy is beautiful.