Брэд Питт отомстил Анджелине Джоли
Hollywood showed who he sympathizes with in a conflict of Jolie and pitt.

Брэд Питт отомстил Анджелине Джоли

Brad pitt at the award ceremony “Golden globe” 2017

Photo: ZumaTASS

Guests of the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”
was struck by an unexpected surprise. Among the participants of the ceremony unexpectedly for the majority of the audience appeared on the scene brad pitt is thinner and rejuvenated, as if dropped at least a dozen years. This was announced by the Internet site contactmusic.com.

The name of pitt was not declared among
of the nominees, but the actor had a direct relationship to the movie “Moonlight”, which was the winner in the category “Best dramatic film”. It was produced by the company brad’s “Plan B”. When pitt appeared
on stage, the hall gave him a standing ovation. It was and thanks for the film, which the audience liked, and the pleasure of that favorite actor looks so beautiful too, in spite of all the misfortunes of recent months.

As you know, pitt is fighting attempts by Jolie
to isolate him from children. After all, as long as Angelina filed for
the divorce, he saw them only a few times. All holidays, including
Christmas and New year, the actor spent alone.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Fotodom.ru

And the main reason for the rapid
applause met brad, it was obvious the unanimous sympathy of the audience to him, rather than
Angelina in their conflict. That, of course, very pleased with pitt. But
Jolie, if she was watching TV, the reaction from guests
the ceremony is likely annoyed. The actress spent a lot of effort
pitt to discredit in the eyes of the public, accusing him of using physical
of force against children. And although this charge was later refuted by the FBI,
it seemed that the reputation of brad irreparably damaged. However, as shown by
the reaction of the audience, Pitta like still.

As for brad hopes to get joint custody of the children, it will be clear soon. After all
judicial consideration of the claim of Angelina trying to get sole custody,
will take place this January.