Брэд Питт тайно прилетел в Камбоджу, чтобы помочь Джоли справиться с детьми

Divorce did brad pitt and angelina Jolie enemies. At least, sure all Western tabloids, which in turn are trying to impose on us the idea. But I guess in this family it’s not so bad as it might seem.

Not so long ago, Jolie along with children visited Cambodia, where she presented her documentary, “First they killed my father.” This premiere was very important for Angelina, because she tried to protect themselves from problems that could occur from the whims of children, other things. To help Jolie in this case took brad.

Pitt along with his family went to Cambodia to help angelina. Just visit pitt kept so secret that none of the paparazzi could not take a picture of it during almost a week stay in the country.

Note that the tabloids wrote that brad didn’t know about the upcoming trip, but because Jolie their actions allegedly violated the law. As we can see, it is not. He not only knew everything, but had a great time with the heirs, while the famous mom had been given an interview.

It is worth saying that in connection with the recent events, Jolie and pitt became more closely communicating with fans in the head the idea that all is not over. Perhaps the star couple will once again find common ground and cancel the divorce. And why not? Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck an it was done.