Brad pitt is credited with a new novel

Брэду Питту приписывают новый роман
Hollywood actor was caught locking lips with Lizzy Caplan.

Брэду Питту приписывают новый роман

Brad Pitt

Photo: Splash News/East news

Брэду Питту приписывают новый роман

Lizzy Caplan

Photo: Splash News/East news

Foreign media
attributed to brad pitt affair with 33-year-old Lizzy Caplan. The reason for the emergence of
rumors about the affair the husband of Angelina Jolie with a young actress became taken by the paparazzi
pictures. Recently, the Network appeared photos gently kissing brad and Lizzie.

However, to speak about
pitt’s infidelity to his wife is definitely early. Pictures were taken during
a joint film of brad and Lizzie — “5 seconds of silence.” And quite possibly,
that kiss,
which attracted so much attention from the press, was just
only “working moment”. Although, according to the participants of the shooting process,
Pitt and Kaplan really could “run spark”. As reported
edition of “Star Magazine”, during a joint operation between
Brad and Lizzy struck up a very close relationship. Moreover,
the tabloid insists that frivolous behavior pitt probably
may be the last straw in the problem
the relationship of Angelina and brad.

Kiss brad pitt and Lizzy Caplan on the set

Photo: Splash News/East news

We will remind that some
time ago, foreign media reported on allegedly approaching and
the inevitable divorce of a Hollywood couple. Rumors of a serious rift between
spouses and stirs the fact that pitt and Jolie have become less likely to appear on
the public together. Brad is busy all the time on set, Angelina devoted herself
social activities. The last time the spouses were seen together during the brief
trip to Vietnam, where, as reported, they had a serious quarrel.

the breakup of brad and Angelina appear regularly ever since, as a couple
start your novel. So, it is possible that spouses would still be able to overcome
the crisis in relations, and divorce, which is so waiting for detractors, is still not
will take place.

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