Брэд Питт боится Анджелины Джоли
Shocking details of the divorce will be disclosed.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie


Brad pitt suffered another defeat in the court battle with
Jolie. The judge, who agreed to endorse a temporary
the agreement proposed by the Angelina, dismissed the petition filed by brad. This was
known reporters of the website Tmz.com.

In rejected by the judge statement, pitt asked to close for all but
direct participants in the process, provide information about them with Jolie’s scandalous divorce. He explained that taking care of the kids, which can
to psychological trauma from public discussion of the issue.
However, the judge refused brad, noting that pitt only concealed interests
children. And in fact, he cares about how as a result of disclosure
the hard-hitting details (which can provide Jolie) is not affected
his own reputation.

This is not the first setback suffered at pitt last time. Recently, the court gave a temporary voluntary agreement,
according to which Jolie is the sole guardian of children, the status of mandatory
to the execution of the judgment. And yet, as
became known, Dr. Ian Russ — consultant-psychologist appointed by the court — rejected schedule
a visit to the pitt children, proposed by the actor. Brad asked about the possibility
to see their children separately: first with the twins Vivie and Knox,
then with the average Saharai and Shiloh, and in the last turn with senior PACOM by Tien
and Maddox. But if the senior does not want to see him, asked about the additional meeting with Junior. But the answer was categorical: his wishes will not be
taken into account, since he has no right to dictate when and how to communicate
with children. This issue will be addressed Dr. Russ.