Brad pitt could be the father of Melissa Etheridge

Бред Питт мог стать отцом детей Мелиссы Этеридж

We all know that Hollywood actor Brad pitt and his spouse Angelina Jolie – parents with many children, raising a family except three children and three adopted. But few people know that the famous actor, could be held as the father back in the late 90s. this was told by a longtime friend Brad singer Melissa Etheridge.

That she prefers women, Melissa said in 1993. Having met in 1990, filmmaker Julie Cypher, Etheridge was in a relationship with her until the early 2000s. In the midst of his novel, the couple started thinking about having children.

“Brad and I were great friends, and so discussed with him the possibility of donor sperm for our Julia child. But then we saw that he passionately dreams of fatherhood, and I decided that I wasn’t ready to draw such a person to our venture. Did not want to share his children with a third one because they already had two,” said Melissa.

In the end, a sperm donor was musician David Crosby, which in 1997 was born the daughter and son of Melissa.

“David was the ideal person. He and his wife already had children, and they decided to help us. Our kids are great, although sometimes they joke that if their father was Brad pitt, they would be damn beautiful” — said the singer.

In addition to his son and daughter, born to Crosby, Melissa has two more children, which she shared with actress Tammy Lynn (she is their biological mother). Twins a girl and a boy were born from an anonymous donor in 2006, and in 2014 the singer is married to actress Linda by Wallem.

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