Бред Питт считает, что его жена «играет в жертву» во время интервью

Good actress Angelina Jolie believes her husband Brad pitt and outraged by her behaviour during a recent interview with the BBC. The couple is in divorce proceedings, and now, after the passion between them seemed to have subsided, Angie again muddies the water, breaking into tears during kombinirovannij his unhappy marriage.

We will remind that the day before Angelina gave a tearful interview, the theme of which was her new film, which tells about the genocide in Cambodia. Actually, it is less likely interested reporters. What they were interested in more – so it is personal life Joliette. Since the request for divorce Jolie very rarely comment on what is happening, now heads to do it.
With dramatic pauses and tears on the cheeks Angelina said that now the family is in a very difficult period, but they “will always be family,” no matter what, obviously referring to Brad pitt.
The actor was a little taken aback by the revelations is still the lawful wife, and believes that she “had no right to play the victim” in public.
“Brad was very upset tearful interview Jolie.. He’s presented as a victim, and the cause of the divorce – some supposedly incredible drama. But it is not so. The desire of Nonsense is standard fair agreement on the custody of children, that he legally could to see them” — said the insider, and added that to comment on an interview with Jolie pitt begging, especially in public.