Бейонсе планирует рожать дома

The birth of a child is always stressful not only for parents but also for households. As you know, the American singer Beyonce is expecting the birth of twins, and her husband, rapper Jay-Z decided to make a birth wife as safe as possible and less stressful. Insiders report that children of celebrities will be born at their home in Los Angeles.

“Beyonce would like to have a home birth in Los Angeles. The first birth took place in new York, and was extremely heavy. More she would not want this kind of stress” — said the insider.

Now 47-year-old Jay-Z takes care of his beloved wife and carries out her every whim. He went to meet the wishes of the couple and will soon start processing of one of the rooms in the delivery room. The singer herself after shocking Topless photoshoots and performances during the Grammys announced that it would not publish naked pictures and bare your stomach in public. At least before the birth of children.