Бойфренд Джорджа Майкла больше часа не вызывал певцу «скорую»

From timely professional medical care depends on a person’s life. Apparently, it was forgotten boyfriend singer George Michael Fadi Fawaz. As found by the journalists of the Daily Mail, Fawaz an hour didn’t call the emergency services and tried to revive her lover who became ill.

In the order of publication was the transcript of a telephone call to “911” by Fawaz, where he says he need help George Michael, who is probably dead. According to Fawaz, the singer of “cold” and “blue”, and that “resuscitation will not help him”. The official cause of death was later announced as heart failure.

Who knows, maybe the singer would still be alive if his boyfriend did not rely solely on their strength.

We will remind, the death caught George Michael in bed in Christmas. Body singer hasn’t been buried. By the way, relatives of George banned Fadi come to the funeral of the star, apparently, is not unreasonable. And even though the police admitted that Fawaz was not involved in Michael’s death, relatives of the singer still hate the man with all my heart.