Врачи уверены, что 50-летней Джанет Джекcон не удастся вернуть себе прежнюю форму

50-year-old Janet Jackson made the great gift for an anniversary – it first became a mother, giving birth to a boy in early January of this year. The father of the child was 42-year-old billionaire Ousamma al Mana.

The pregnancy was long-awaited for Janet and a real gift from heaven, because when she learned that expecting a child, she canceled her tour and focused on how to safely carry a child.

Not so long ago Jackson for the first time after the birth of the baby Issus happy mummy appeared in public.

Observers have noted that Janet looked great, despite the extra pounds. During the pregnancy, Janet gained 43 pounds, in total reaching 113 pounds.

Now the doctors say that getting back to an active lifestyle, Janet is not recommended, and strongly and urgently to lose weight it generally prohibited.

Dr. Stuart Fisher told the tabloid: “to lose weight, Janet will need strict discipline and diet”. The doctor also noted that Jackson won’t be able to lose weight without complications, if you do not start how should I exercise and follow a proper diet: “She can stay at this weight forever.”