Boutique Atelier Workshop Classical Suit said, is the art of tailoring from the standard boutiques

В Бутик-Ателье Мастерская Классического Костюма рассказали, отличается ли портновское искусство от стандартов бутиков

Individual tailoring, which could hardly be heard in the ‘ 90s, is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The domestic Studio has formed a base of clients who appreciate true individuality and quality and want to get away from that mass market. It can offer Studio indposhiv or as they say in the West, bespoke.
Studio indposhiv was at the peak of popularity during the Soviet era, when the local textile industry was unable to offer something worthwhile. For every 6,500 residents had one Studio.

That all changed in the ‘ 90s, when the collapse of the USSR opened the borders and in the country the stream tumbled down consumer goods. This period can be considered a failure for the sphere of the Studio. However, quite quickly it became clear that the European standards do not really fit the parameters of the average resident of Russia and not all made abroad clothing find a buyer here. During this period, and there was fertile soil for the revival of Russia’s sphere bespoke.
Atelier new time started to invite artists from Italy, France and the UK. They re-learned to take measurements, make patterns, work with the customer and introduce new technologies. In the early 2000’s emerged the concept of bespoke, made-to-measure, customers ceased to frighten of the price. People have the money.
Further development of the sphere of impact of sanctions and import substitution program. Despite the General rise in prices has turned out that to sew the suit, which quality is not inferior to the Italian, Russia is now a third cheaper.
“Workshop of classical suit”
Mastersuit or “Workshop of classical suit” is among the five best Studio in the world. The company was established about 20 years ago and began with a small family business.
Today Mastersuit is a company with a staff of over 100 people that sew clothes and shoes premium quality and services which you are seeking Russian politicians, actors, musicians and just wealthy people with good taste.
The company headed by brothers Antonio and Ramon Palacios-Fernandez. Atelier offers clients bespoke and made-to-measure — some products are made in Russia, some adjusted for withdrawn standards in Italy.
The creation of the costume needs about a hundred hours with client work tailors, he is required to attend a fitting. The brothers ‘ dream is to move to Russia and made-to-measure. Then Atelier will be able to put a label “Made in Russia” on 100% of products.

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