Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому» The actor spoke about unequal marriage. Boris Smolkin got married with his beloved Svetlana almost twenty years ago. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for many years, the artist understands, the wife can leave him at any moment.
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»

The role in the TV series “My fair nanny” brought Boris Smolkina wide fame. On the streets of his native St. Petersburg it is still recognize as a Butler of Constantine from the popular sitcom. The artist is still in films, and teaches acting at St. Petersburg University of culture. On the eve of the anniversary, March 2, Smolkin said “StarHit” why refused to help a sick niece and dissuaded his son from the wedding.

“Help with money”

Boris Grigoryevich, how are you going to birthday?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»I think I’ll sit in a public place. For example, in the house of the actor. Invite close friends and relatives. I am a materialist – I have to agree with the number 70! Not wanted to live until 2018. My classmates told max about 2008 – still the first pension. Anniversary regarded as a gift. —
But you look beautiful. I guess, carefully follow the health?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»The doctors treat. To list sores, you need medical records to show. To support tone do exercises. Try to eat less fatty foods. Struggling with a bad habit – Smoking a great experience, so it’s hard to limit yourself. —
By the way, many men are now turning for help to cosmetologists. You like that?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»I once played in a film of a plastic surgeon. The shooting came in a real clinic, where he met with medical staff. They showed pictures of patients “before” and “after”. Yes, I understand that sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. But 80% of transactions – it is nonsense! Let everyone is crazy in their own way. I go under the knife if you need health.
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»
It was rumored that you like to drink…
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»Before, when I was a bachelor, was abused. A lonely man is hard without love. But in the zero met Light and quit drinking. While no one in the family is not prohibited. He can slightly taste on holidays. Sometimes in the evening, added to tea a couple of drops of brandy – relaxing. I’m a introvert homebody. To restore power, I have enough of the sofa and favourite books. Well, or play the computer in chess. —
Look, equipment along. And your accounts on the Internet no…
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»Social networks are wary because of the bad case. Once a student calls and asks “Boris Grigorievich where to transfer the money to your sick niece?” I didn’t understand what she’s talking about. Student says, “So are you on his page “Vkontakte” wrote: “Sick relative, help with money”. Thought the draw. I went online to be sure. Turned out to be true. People in my name create a post, wanted to cash in on the fans. Asked the police for help. But they have explained that you have to obbegat dozens of offices, only nerves will spend. Dealt with scammers friends wrote to people who were page, they were scared of the threats and deleted the account. Now I have only Facebook.

“Fell from heaven a miracle”

Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»
You and Svetlana have been together for almost 20 years. What is your secret to a good marriage?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»Imagine a 50-year-old uncle who already lost hope to create a family. Suddenly fell from heaven the miracle wife. Probably Bank it, that’s all. And that Light still keeps close to me? I don’t know! I’m afraid to ask… the age Difference – almost a quarter of a century – is no longer felt. I read somewhere that the main advantage of the unequal marriage – the wife you will never see young and old. I remember all our important dates are noted. Light sometimes forgets when we got married. I think if there is love, such things seem insignificant… —
Do you never get jealous?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»Happen. But did not show it. I am a realist, you understand that you chose a woman younger than yourself and at any time can lose it. But while the Light with me. That’s nice! I know men who live with the feeling that they are wonderful. They never think how their other halves feel free to pack up and go to another one. I do not belong to this type.—
Read you do take out the trash, dishes like to wash. Wife taught?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»I have lived so long in solitude, used in domestic matters myself. Even the tie under the shirt pick up, trusting his taste. And Light, on the contrary, asks how she should dress up. Of course, the answer, be sure to do a serious look – say, understand! I’m an artist, can play what you want… —
In the photo the wife is constantly in theaters. Loves art?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»Light works in the Petersburg House of the actor, helping to organize concerts. Our son Gleb for 18 years. He’s a figure skater. He entered the school of Olympic reserve in Moscow, studying on the 2nd course. But not going to dwell on it. We Sveta sometimes fight over its future – argue what a son should do. Both miss him. Despite the fact that I am often in the capital, rarely see each other. Get far – glib rents an apartment in the area Medvedkovo. Therefore, more in touch, or he comes to Peter.
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»
From the first marriage you have a son Vladimir. Adult – 43 years…
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»He strongly hinted about grandchildren. Nervously react to this situation. Then came up with a joking excuse. Talking to Volodya: “no Grandchildren, but there is Gleb! I decided this question without intermediaries.” But he is a successful theatrical producer in St. Petersburg! —
Interfering in the personal lives of the sons?
Борис Смолкин: «Боюсь, что жена уйдет к другому»It is counterproductive! But it happened. Volodya at the age of 16 was a girl. Remember came home and said: “Dad, I’m getting married!” After these words, I hid his passport. The son was indignant, but realized arguing with me is useless. Of course, if children are asked to Express their opinion, I will answer. But better leave it. As it is likely that the incomplete 18 is also brought to meet his companion. Looked at them, thought: “Will be together soon.” So life experience suggested. After some time you guys broke up. So never argue with your sons. Let them learn from their mistakes. He is the same… was Watching them with nostalgia!