Борис Моисеев открывает в Крыму балетную школу The musician will share their experience with budding artists. The singer has long dreamed of creating a dance Studio in which young talents could develop their talents. Now Boris Moiseev busy with matters related to the repair of the premises, but after six months it will be the first visitors.

      Борис Моисеев открывает в Крыму балетную школу

      The singer is seriously thinking about how to pass on their experience to the younger generation. Star concert which always impressed the audience with outstanding choreography, is planning to establish in Yalta the dance Studio.

      “The resort I chose is not a coincidence, explained Boris “StarHit”. – My friends live there, I am often at their house and the delight of the local climate here, I can breathe easy like nowhere else! Old friend Light Chabanova, which itself enjoys dancing, once suggested – say they do not want to teach ballet skills? I thought – why not, after all, there are all conditions… Light owns a hotel “Honeymoon” in Yalta, in him a friend and offered to open a school. It is a place I know well – always stop there coming to rest. At the hotel a lot of space, the Studio is 150 sq.m.”

      Борис Моисеев открывает в Крыму балетную школу

      School mosaic “Philosophy of beauty” will work in six months, the hotel has already began repair work. The room can accommodate 70 people. Customers artist can not only learn how to move harmoniously, but also master the techniques of relaxation – and school-based professional trainers will lead classes in yoga.

      “I the last few years, at least half an hour every day be sure to dedicate practices, – Boris tells. – I’m up in doggy and sit in the Lotus position. After you feel renewed… by the Way, to learn people can not only in the hotel, but beyond its borders. I’m with Sveta and teachers plan to organize a summer field school that will work on the beaches, so that people can relax and improve your figure. The purpose of preying on those wishing to gain the knowledge I have – the price for 40 minutes is below the market”.