Борис Корчевников перенёс операцию в Германии

Last year Boris korchevnikov made a Frank statement: it turns out that the young man is struggling with a brain tumor. A few weeks ago, the star of the TV series “kadetstvo” and the popular TV presenter had an operation in Germany to remove a benign tumor formed of nerve near the ear. However, making a partial craniotomy, specialists decided to wait in the surgery.

“I have now everything is in order, however, the struggle for health I have” — confessed Boris.
For Korchevnikov this was not the first operation. The first intervention happened after the death of his father Boris Vyacheslav Orlov. Parents separated before the birth of the son, and the father of grown-up Boris met only at the age of thirteen.
“My father was a small but very close period of communication. Know that he loved me though and was afraid to say it” — said the korchevnikov.
The father of the actor for a long time held the post of Director of Theatre.Pushkin. A man was sick and died last year, but supported his son until the last. They last met in the hospital. Vyacheslav was connected to the ventilator, and Boris was still hesitant to tell my dad about surgery. Confessing the son has received words of support from the father. Soon he was gone.
Recall that almost a year has passed since that time, as from brain cancer passed away popular singer Zhanna Friske. The news of her death came as a shock to fans of the actress and her colleagues. Then, colleagues and celebrities began to talk about their health problems, among them was Boris korchevnikov. We wish the broadcaster the best of health and speedy recovery.

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