Kathleen Jenner is looking for a surrogate mother

Кейтлин Дженнер подыскивает суррогатную мать

New life — new baby. One of the most famous women of transgender Kathleen Jenner, despite his advanced age, decided to have a baby. In the “past” life when Caitlin was an American athlete Bruce, she gave birth to six children, but it turned out to be not enough for complete happiness.

Sources close to Jenner, says Caitlin desperately wants a child”. The older children support her idea, what can be said about the whole family — said the Insider.
It turns out that 66-year-old Caitlin last winter even thought about adoption, but now believes that surrogate motherhood is the best idea.
“Kate wants to devote his life to the child. She will be as involved in the pregnancy of a woman who will bear her baby and even wants to attend the birth” — said the insider.
The desire to raise a child is very high. According to friends, Caitlin wants to live another life as a woman.
“She’s suffering from empty-nest syndrome and actually has plans the birth of a child through surrogacy. In addition, her mother is now worse, and Caitlin knows she has to hurry to catch the birth of another grandson” — confirms the idea of Jenner another source.

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