Боня продает свою коллекцию одежды по баснословной цене

The Russian star made in the role of designer, creating an impressive capsule collection for the Russian brand Maison D AngelAnn. However, to afford the clothes from the idol can not all fans of Victoria.

Victoria Bonia joined the ranks of star designers. Career of fashion designer star began with the creation of a capsule collection of knitwear made of wool and cashmere. Now, her portfolio was supplemented with a range of luxury summer dresses, suits and overalls.

Victoria is actively promoting its new product in social networks “Instagram”, telling how great her dresses will fit into a summer dress code. Part of the collection has already appeared on the website of the Russian brand Maison D AngelAnn, for which it was created and capsule. In conditions of economic crisis the prices of the outfits from the Boni seem to be, literally, astronomical. For example, a sexy red jumpsuit with a cutout back will cost 61 thousand rubles, a little black dress with lace – 98 thousand rubles, and a purple sundress with a full skirt to the floor – almost 75 thousand rubles.

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