Секс-бомба: Ирина Шейк блеснула в развратном платье

The Russian supermodel is wearing colorful sexy dress, which began to look more seductive.

A revealing mini-dresses and bare toilets – skate Irina Shayk. Perfect figure and appetizing forms to her in any situation and in any outfit look stunning. Recently, the star appeared in a slutty, yet very stylish manner at a presentation in London.

The choice of Irina Shayk fell on ultrashort tight dress with a deep neckline, sponsored by known for his love of Frank outfits Donatella Versace. But the main highlight of the outfit was flashy leopard print, which gives your whole look a vibrant sexuality. The supermodel completed the outfit sandals spectacular hue of young grass, which is in harmony with the color of the dress.

Meanwhile, not so long ago Irina Shayk shocked the audience much more bold outfit. At a party in the framework of the Cannes film festival in 2016, she appeared in a sheer blue dress and white Thong.

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