Блэйк Шелтон надолго оставит Гвен Стефани

While singer Gwen Stefani builds wedding plans, her boyfriend, country singer Blake Shelton is going to spend some time away from her – the artist announced a big tour, “Doing It to Country Songs”, so that some time each of them will deal only with creativity.

As reported by insiders, the couple is already ready for the new quality of their relations and even more misleading about plans to get married this spring. Blake’s tour kicks off in February after a few weeks, and will end it in September.
“Blake invited Gwen to accompany him, but she answered that it will be boring, and that it is better she stays home and will write new songs. At the same time she can’t get rid of thoughts that he simply got tired of it and want a break from their romance away,” said the insider.