Эшли Грэм не стыдится своего целлюлитного тела

Ashley Graham is one of the most popular models plus-size. Settings girls are impressive. Someone body Graham seems ugly and requires a lot of work on yourself, someone, on the contrary, admires her courage to show yourself so it is.

Ashley herself is in the second category. She has repeatedly said that proud body, with which it was endowed by nature, because not going to torture yourself with diets to starve yourself before losing consciousness in the gym just to meet someone requests.

Ashley calls us to love ourselves for what we are and be proud of the body, even if you have extra pounds and cellulite.

Эшли Грэм не стыдится своего целлюлитного тела

In his microblog Ashley posted a photo of my feet with a very pronounced cellulite on her.

“I train with. I’m doing my best to eat right. I love body, which is given to me. And I’m not ashamed of my bumps, lumps and cellulite. And you don’t have,” he signed the Graham.

Recall that this is not the first time Ashley encourages you to love yourself: “I Have shape, I have cellulite. And I don’t like it when people tell me that I’m not supposed to like myself. If anyone of you feel embarrassed, just remember that I just took off all his clothes. Just be confident”.

You think if Ashley Graham that promotes cellulite body?

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