Блейк Лайвли полностью очистила свой Instagram

Блейк Лайвли полностью очистила свой Instagram

What happened with the page Instagram famous Hollywood actress? Maybe it’s crashing or Blake someone hacked? Last weekend all the journalists puzzled over this question, and 26 million subscribers in shock too. Whatever version was not invented, the true cause of such behavior, we learn only after lively she called.

Most likely a celebrity, thus preparing for the premiere card in which she played a major role. But on Instagram got a hot hand and is just part of a huge strategy for promoting the movie. Initially, Blake cleared his page, and eventually it appeared in the video, the trailer for the film “rhythm Section”. The video got 5 million views and 600 thousand likes. In this way, the actress focuses on this picture, its purpose to draw attention only to one issue on the page.

It is worth noting that such mass delete posts from social networks, conducts lively is not the first time. Last year, before the presentation of the film “a Simple request”, where she played one of the lead roles, with Instagram again gone all records. After the picture was seen by the whole world, the celebrity has continued to your page in standard mode.

The film, a “rhythm” based on the book by famous author Mark Burnell. In the story one of the best international spies (played by Blake) investigates a plane crash. Lively learns that the crash was planned long before the flight and is going to solve this case. For a start, she finds people who were involved in this flight, as well as relatives of all the victims. It turns out that one woman who lost her entire family in the crash, had also to fly this flight, but what stopped her? Who is to blame, and who really has no relationship to the tragedy, will be coming to the premiere.

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