Именинница Джулия Робертс: знаменитой красотке 52!

Именинница Джулия Робертс: знаменитой красотке 52!
That laugh, those curls, this bust!!! In his 52nd Birthday, she is still our favorite hottie! There are lots of reasons why we love birthday girl Julia Roberts, then read the major ones..
• It will always be a lovely woman. Love story of America with Julia Roberts started when she played Vivian, a hooker with a heart of gold, in the blockbuster 1990. “Boys, girls, old, young — they all love Julia,” said Director Garry Marshall.
• What’s wrong! Roberts tried a variety of things from pixie tinkerbell to twisted blond curls, but her wild, chestnut curls — her signature. “When her hair is brown and long and curly,” Newsweek once wrote, “it is the most delicious.”
• It’s a good laugh! When Richard Gere opened the box and put on the hand decoration Roberts Pretty Woman, Julia broke out, so her laughter was real.

Именинница Джулия Робертс: знаменитой красотке 52!
• It is rich! In 1997, Roberts broke the record for “the Wedding of my best friend” ( starring Cameron Diaz), earned 21.7 million dollars in its first weekend, besting the debut of “Insomnia” in Seattle and eventually earning nearly $ 300 million worldwide. Overall its a romantic Comedy grossed more than $ 1 billion.
• She is a romantic! In Notting hill she played a movie star who is looking for a way to the heart of an ordinary guy Hugh Grant. It was her phrase: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her”, inspired everyone everywhere to “confess his feelings”.
• Roberts was the first woman to join the club with 20 million dollars by Erin Brokovich. “No one has made Julia a star! She achieved all on her own!”, — said Reese Witherspoon.

Именинница Джулия Робертс: знаменитой красотке 52!
• Lover of America, converted from a meager clothes dull wardrobe has come down to the main role of the sassy and sexy single mother Erin Brockovich. “She’s at the peak of his creativity!”, — said the Director Steven Soderbergh about working in his film.
• She is the winner! 33 Roberts won the award “Oscar” for best actress Erin Brockovich. “I love the whole world”, — she said at the podium. “I’m so happy. Thank you.”

• She found her love. In the movie “the Mexican” in 2000, Roberts met her future husband, cameraman Danny Moder. “I was born to become the wife of this man,” said she after a wedding in 2002.

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