Билли Боб Торнтон открестился от романа с Эмбер Херд

Hollywood actress amber heard reveals the cards one by one. After the video aggressive drunk husband johnny Depp, which she claims she has not posted, the wife of the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” made a new sensational statement. One day, while in Australia, johnny was jealous of her sleeping with actor Billy Bob Thornton. In a fit of anger, stabbed his finger, then dropped it in the blue paint and wrote on the mirror the names of “apostate”.

Билли Боб Торнтон открестился от романа с Эмбер Херд
Photo mirror inscribed with the names amber provided as another proof of the fact that her five minutes ex-husband is not such a nice guy that everyone used to think. Himself Billy Bob Thornton shocked by such news. He had no idea what was the cause of a family quarrel occurred, according to Hurd, just a month after the wedding.

Ex-husband of Angelina Jolie assures the reporters that haven’t even flirted with amber never talked with her outside the set. Between them there was not that romantic – even friendship, so that all suspicion johnny “groundless” and “ridiculous.”
Why amber, seeing that her husband got so aggressive psychopath, waited almost half a year – time enough to count for half of Depp? As it turned out, the lawyer heard demands johnny joint statement, in which he publicly have to admit that he beat and humiliated his wife. Naturally, the party Depp denies it and will never agree to that. Amber also requires the husband for financial support after divorce and actually wants to get half of the husband’s property. Assuming that such an outcome is possible, a celebrity already gets rid of real estate.

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