Билли Боб Торнтон прокомментировал татуировки Джоли и Питта во спасение брака

A few months before you announce your breakup, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt made his tattoo. New wearable drawings of the family had a special meaning: their goal was the salvation of the marriage, which at that time already begun to break down. It is worth saying that the tattoo was quite large. For example, Angelina picture took a quarter back. Brad his tattoo showed. For printing from Bangkok to Siem reap, where the couple was taken Thai monk Ajarn Well Kanpai. But unfortunately, even he has failed to contribute to the restoration of family relationships.

Now what to do with a tattoo? The former beloved Jolie has a solution: Billy Bob Thornton suggests to paint the tattoo with new pictures.

“It happened with a picture in my honor” — recalled Billy Bob. Indeed, Jolie after her divorce from him to retouch tattoos Billy Bob, and then this place appeared the coordinates of the places where the kids were born.

To say that sketching a tattoo in honor of Thornton was much easier than drawing in the floor of the back. Will the Angelina to change her last tattoo, unknown.