Justin Bieber has swapped Los Angeles to Hawaii

Джастин Бибер променял Лос-Анджелес на Гавайи

Aloha, new home! The infamous canadian singer Justin Bieber is tired of the bustling Los Angeles and decided to move permanently to Hawaii.
According to the publication, RadarOnline, a few days ago, the actor visited his mother, Patty, who lives on the Islands, and the young man was struck by the easy lifestyle of the local population.

“Justin was struck by the atmosphere of love and tranquility that prevails there. He wanted to stay in Hawaii. He plans to move there permanently, not just visit on the weekends. He already asked his Manager to find him a secluded home with access to beach” — said the insider.
Recall that as they grow up Justin is establishing relationships with parents. Mother had a singer at a young age and the marriage with the father of the future artist did not work. Justin saw little of his father, although very needed him. The mother put the soul in the son. She studied music education and took on all sorts of auditions, and it was to her he owed all that he has now. A few years ago, Justin “caught a star” and began to quarrel with Patty, who some time held the post of his Manager, and then assistant. After an argument with a teenage son, the mother went to live in Hawaii, giving a suddenly grown son’s freedom.
Once in an interview Justin said that about many things in his life regrets, but most of all – it’s about how much the troubles have caused my mother. Now Bieber is friends with my mom and dad who have new families and children from new marriages.