Билл Косби живёт в постоянном страхе

Bill Cosby, shot to fame serial killer-rapist, is living in hell while alive. As reported by insiders, the once famous comedian is obsessed with the thought that someone of his victims to decide on a bloody revenge. To be safe, Cosby barricaded for ultra sensitive alarm system in your house in Massachusets. Insiders report that this year alone pravohraniteli he ran with all haste to his call, more than twenty times. As they say, fear has big eyes.

Insiders told reporters of the publication RadarOnline that sometimes the security service had to run for help twice, and even three times a day.
One could write off this frequent recourse bill to a security system to the shortcomings of her work, but bill and really afraid of is not a child.
“He is completely obsessed with the idea that someone wants to kill him. He often sees his own death in a dream, and he wakes up in terror,” — said the insider.
Recall that now the 78-year-old comedian and his 72-year-old wife Camille live in the village of Shelburne falls, located in the Northwest woods of Massachusetts. Bill accused of sexual assault and attempted rape. Now one of the cases being heard at court, and apparently, the bill will soon live at a different address.
The house bill is set on 21 acres of land, plus another hundred acres that surround his estate. The inscription on the entrance reads: “If you are invited, you are not welcome.Trespassing”. In the village know who their neighbor is a recluse, but in fact few who crossed the threshold of the Cosby family.
Bill’s paranoia is so great that last year, when photographers were filming the Cosby house from a distance, someone had called the cops four times.

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