Bobby brown ‘not ready’ to visit the grave of the daughter

Бобби Браун «не готов» посетить могилу дочери

Almost a year has passed after the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby brown, Bobbi Kristina brown has died after a six-month stay in a coma. The cause of this condition was the long stay of the girl under water. What happened in that moment — no one knows yet. The Prime suspect remains civil husband of Kristina, Nick Gordon.

Christina’s death has been a traumatic event for all fans and it died a few years earlier, mom and all the relatives.
So, the girl’s father still has not found the strength to visit her grave. He claims that’s not ready for that.
“I’m not ready to stand there in front of the tomb, alive and unharmed, to know that my daughter’s body turns to dust under a tombstone. And there is no life. She left” — sadly said Bobby brown.
In his book of memoirs musician complains that little attention was paid to his daughter. After parting with Whitney, Bobby lived his life, got a new wife and children. Even when Houston died, his interest in Christina’s life was superficial. The girl was lonely and quickly became addicted to alcohol and drugs, but still suffered from family Acilia — husband Nick Gordon would often hit her. Before Bobbi Kristina was found in a lifeless condition in the bathroom, she wrote a sad message on his page in the social network, stating that he wants to reunite with materilu in heaven. Suicide is still considered by law enforcement authorities.

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