"Big surprise": Alec Baldwin's wife expecting seventh child Alec Baldwin has long been in the spotlight among the fathers of many children in Hollywood.

"Big Surprise": Alec Baldwin's wife is expecting her seventh child married to Kim Basinger, he had a daughter, who is already 26 years old. His second wife was yoga instructor Hilaria.

Now they are raising six common children. Moreover, the youngest of them was born by a surrogate mother just 5 months after she became a mother for the fifth time.

"Big surprise": wife of Alec Baldwin expecting seventh child And now it turned out that the woman is expecting a baby again.

“After many ups and downs lately, we are in for a real upsurge and a big surprise! Another member of the Baldwin family will appear this fall,” the actor’s wife said.

Let us remind you that recent events in Alec’s life were not so rosy. On the set, he accidentally shot the cameraman.

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